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Posted on 5 August, 2014 at 10:24
We can carry out scarification for you using a wire rake or a scarifier. 

‘Thatch’ forms in areas of turf.  Thatch is dead or decaying plant matter which accumulates in turf.This thatch needs to be raked away or removed mechanically.    

Moss can also present a problem in areas of turf.  Lawn weeds are invariably a problem in areas of turf.

We can remove thatch, moss and weeds that have a creeping habit by the process of scarification.  This involves using a wire rake or a scarifier to remove these materials from turf. 

Scarification also lightly prunes grass roots and this promotes growth.  Scarification should be carried out routinely in the spring and the autumn.  Scarification allows air and water to penetrate the surface of the soil.  This in turn allows grass to take up nutrients more effectively. 

We should carry out scarification in the autumn because lawns may not recover if this process is carried out in the spring.  However, we can lightly rake in the springtime.  

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