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Have you thought of having a wildflower meadow rather than a lawn?

Posted on 23 June, 2017 at 11:39
Establishing a wildflower meadow on an area of turf is definitely financially cost-effective to organizations. Little or no money needs to go into pesticides.  The costs of paying for garden maintenance are decreased because less mowing is required.  

Areas of finely mown turf are valuable to wildlife because blackbirds, thrushes and starlings like to each invertebrates such as leatherjackets and worms.  However, wildflower meadows support a wide range of wildlife.  For example ox eye daisies attract a wide range of insects.  These insects attract predators such as the Fly Catcher.  Fly catchers attract predators such as Sparowhawks.  

Incorporating wildflower meadows into your areas of land undeniably adds interest.  A concern may be that areas that are unmown, could be perceived as uncared for.  Paths can be mown through wildflower meadows so that people can easily and comfortably walk through them and this ensures no one is under the impression that an area has been left to go wild through lack of attention.  

Spot weeding ensures that common weeds such as dandelions are kept at bay and our wildflowers have an opportunity to flourish.  

Please contact us if you would like us to create a wildflower area in your garden.  

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