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Hanging Basket Liners

Posted on 15 May, 2015 at 15:59
We create custom made hanging baskets - what lining would you decide upon?  Below is a quick review of the liners available

Spagnum moss

We can use sphagnum moss to line hanging baskets.  Using sphagnum moss creates more interest for the viewer because moss is a living thing.  It continues to live when positioned next to the soil used in a hanging basket.  If we use sphagnum moss plants can easily be manipulated so that they grow through the sides of hanging baskets. 

A disadvantage of using sphagnum moss to line hanging baskets is that it is quite expensive.  This moss forms beautiful carpets over peat bogs, marshland, heath and moorland.  Removing it for commercial gain is of course controversial.    


We can buy coir liners.  These are very popular today.  Coir is a natural fibre that is a ‘waste product’ of the coconut industry.  The dull brown look of these baskets will not be to everyone’s taste.  These liners may look a little too exotic for British gardens. 

Natural Fibres

We can also buy linings that are made from natural fibres such as jute.  Many of these liners are available on the market in a pre-cut form.  This avoids us having to go to the inconvenience of creating slits in the side for side planting.  These liners are comparatively cheap.  Another advantage of buying natural fibre linings is that as customers we can choose what colour we want.  These liners are biodegradable.  These liners are often made from recycled material.  These liners tend to look unnatural in comparison to moss or coir liners.  Sometimes these liners are polythene backed to aid water retention. 

Paper pulp

An advantage of buying paper pulp liners is that we can choose from a wide range of colours.  These artificial liners are cheap.  It is ecologically friendly to buy them because they are biodegradable.  In addition they are often made from recycled materials.  Paper pulp liners are a pre-formed shape so we must ensure that we get the correct one if we want to use this type of liner. Arguably these liners look too artificial. 

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